When Stable Duffusion was released last year, it was a powerful AI image generation engine from the start. It couldn’t generate great photorealistic images, but it still was great for art. But there was this one thing that put people off it:

People struggled with prompts.

You see, Stable Diffusion is a text-to-image generator, and a great prompt is very important for control. Everything from style to objects on the image was controlled by text. The prompts should’ve been very precise and detailed.

Today, after Stable Diffusion XL is out, the model understands prompts much better. And with the built-in styles, it’s much easier to control the output.

However, a great prompt can go a long way in generating the best output. Here are the best prompts for Stable Diffusion XL collected from the community on Reddit and Discord:

Stable Diffusion Prompts for Realistic Photos

Photorealistic Soft Pink Roses Prompt

Soft pink roses, white Chinese peony, tiny apple blossom flowers, eucalyptus leaves, twigs of cranberries, twigs of copper pepper berries all arrangement into a cute beautiful flowers arrangement on a pink nickel mug. The mug is sitting on a thick white book with golden cover image design. Sunny, bright image. Ad copy, huge copy space on top of the image, negative space, hd, 8k, blurry dreamy background, beautiful pictures. Product

SDXL can generate images in different styles just by picking a parameter. But one style it’s particularly great in is photorealism. You can just write what you want to see, and you’ll get it.

Photorealistic Happy Dog Prompt

a realistic happy dog ​​playing in the grass

One of the features of SDXL is its ability to understand short prompts. You can also pick the style as a prompt parameter, but it’s unnecessary if you want photorealistic images.

Photorealistic Gas Station Prompt

ours en peluche jaune , a restaurant is lit up at night on a rainy day, “gas station photography, cgsociety ), sad cop looking at a, by Nōami, picture of a loft in morning, dark ominous mood, petrol energy, a quaint, photo realistic symmetrical, drive out, pouring, terminal dark

Style: Cinematic

Photorealistic Off Road Track Prompt

Prompt: A highly photorealistic image of a off road race track, complete with precise replicas of the world’s most iconic heavy noun, captured at the moment of a sharp turn, with smoke and sparks flying from under the wheels and the noun drifting around the bend. The image captures the excitement of the moment, with happy and noisy fans cheering and waving in the background. (The image is depicted at dusk, with the headlights

Style: Photographic

Photorealistic Grapes Prompt

Prompt: Powerful liquid explosion, Green grapes, Green background, Commercial photography, A bright environment, Studio lighting, OC rendering, Solid color isolated platform, Professional photography, Color classification, Super detail

Style: Photographic

Photorealistic Astronaut Prompt

Prompt: Astronaut on Mars During sunset

With SDXL simple prompts work great too!

Photorealistic Locomotive Prompt

Pay attention: the prompt contains multiple lines. It’s all one prompt. Also, notice the use of negative prompts:

Prompt: A cybernatic locomotive on rainy day from the parallel universe
Noise: 50%
Style realistic
Strength 6.0

Negative: Bad quality, bad detail, blurry-image, jpeg artifacts, bad contrast, bad anatomy, duplicate, watermark, extra detail, chaotic distribution of objects, distortion, bad detail facial details

Stable Diffusion Prompts for Logos

Bear Logo Prompt

Prompt: minimalistic bear shaman logo

Style: Line Art

Night City Logo Prompt

Prompt: A minimalist logo for a white t-shirt featuring a captivating and surreal cityscape during a rainy night. The logo showcases towering skyscrapers, wet pavements, and glowing city lights reflected in puddles. The scene is depicted with a sense of wonder and tranquility, using flowing lines and dreamlike elements to create a visually captivating design. The color palette is a mix of dark and intense colors, including shades of blue, purple, and

Futuristic Logo Prompt

Prompt: ”biomorfica” futuristic logo design

Wolf Logo Prompt

Prompt: Logo for a technology company,blue-green,a wolf, come to life,symmetrical,wild nature,illustration,vector art,logo design

Witcher App Logo Prompt

Prompt: logo of The Witcher Portrait for a spiritual Premium Instagram channel

Youtube Channel Logo Prompt

Prompt: Create a stylish logo for a YouTube channel with the nickname ataman, streaming the game Mobile Legends. The logo should be bright and memorable, reflect the gaming and Mobile Legends theme. Use blue, red and black colors. Place the nickname “ataman” in an original font. Add elements referring to the characters and logo of Mobile Legends. Create in the style of logos of popular gamers

Stable Diffusion Prompts for Architecture

Modern House Architecture Prompt

Prompt: photo of a small cozy modern house in red woods on a mountain, solar panels, garage, driveway, great view, sunshine

Negative: red house

Architectural Drawing Prompt

Prompt: a architectural drawing of a new town square for Cambridge England, big traditional musuem with columns, fountain in middle, classical design, traditional design, trees

Lake House Architecture Design Prompt

Prompt: a house is reflected in the water of a lake, canon 5d mark iii photo, wlop : :, summer camp, wide shot of a cabin interior, by Henrik Weber, lush landscaping, canon 5d 50 mm lens, baris yesilbas, dramatic photograph, peacefull

Style: Photographic

Chinese Architecture Prompt

Prompt: Chinese architecture, ancient style,mountain, bird, lotus, pond, big tree,(thick paint style:1.3), (wide angle lens:1.4), (best lighting), 4K Unity, (super-detailed CG: 1.2) , (8K: 1.2), octane rendering

Style: Photographic

Greek Architecture Prompts

Prompt: exterior frontal perspective shot of resort villa inspired by Mykonos architecture, sea view visualization, white and blue colours mood, moody lighting, high quality, 8k, real, high resolution photography

Fantasy Architecture Prompt

Prompt: Build, in the style of the popular style houses of the towns of southern Spain, very rustic construction, made of stone and with whitewashed favha using white and light blue in its decoration. Stone roof. Impossible architecture. High contrast.

Stable Diffusion Prompts for Portraits

Female Fashion Model Portrait Prompt

female fashion model, faerietale couture, styled in D&G, dynamic light

Style: Photographic

Brie Larson Portrait Prompt

Brie Larson black and white portrait 8k

Style: Cinematic

Woman Portrait Prompt

Prompt: A soft portrait of a woman behind a neon sign, high softness, faded

Glamour Portrait Prompt

Prompt: A glamour portrait of a gorgeous futuristic cyberpunk cyborg Japanese woman looking like Angelababy in style of Marcin Nagreba and Tim Flach, wearing intricate haute couture clothing, jewellery and headpiece, out of focus geometric shapes flying around, inside a futuristic building as background, dark cyan and orange tones and dramatic light, no text, sharp focus, editorial portrait

Steampunk Portrait Prompt

Prompt: steampunk makeup, in the style of vray tracing, colorful impasto, uhd image, indonesian art, fine feather details with bright red and yellow and green and pink and orange colours, intricate patterns and details, dark cyan and amber makeup. Rich colourful plumes. Victorian style.

French Girl Portrait Prompt

Prompt: Street photography photo of a stylish French girl, with short hair, capturing her reflection in a storefront while window-shopping, upper body framing, on a quaint Parisian street, with neon lighting from shop signs, shot from a high angle, on a Sony A7111, with a (bokeh effect:1.3),(in the style of Garry Winograd:1.4)

Stable Diffusion Prompts for Interior Design

Living room design prompt

by Matt Groening,(((((Purple bookshelves)))), (((yellow radiance))) in room, (((((green couch)))), ((teal floor lamp)), side table, ((pink walls)) adorned with art, ((window)) with green landscape.

Style: Photographic

Living Room Interior Prompt

Prompt: photograph by Max Rive, A striking living room interior, sofa furniture, a living room table, bookshelves, shelving, a fireplace, elegant interior design, perfect layout, consistent colors, moody, hazy, cinematic, surreal, highest resolution, high detail, intricate, best quality, masterpiece, golden ratio

Style: Photographic

Residential Interior Design Prompt

Prompt: a three-seater sofa,capet,end table,west elm chandelier,armchair,residential interior design project with modrtn organic style,interior decor,crrisp lines,neutral colors,natural textures,backdrop of simplicity,aesthetic,bright environment,realistic,V-RayRenderer,superior quality

Futuristic Interior Design Prompt

Prompt: Embark on an extraordinary journey as you behold the hyper-realistic depiction of the secretive interiors of Area 51. In this captivating scene, witness the mysterious chambers, advanced technology, and clandestine activities shrouded in secrecy for decades.

Green Interior Design Prompt

Prompt: shin-hanga, neon green by Max Ernst, by Yinka Shonibare, by Rimel Neffati Sigma 85mm f/1.4. Photograph. Interior shot of a room where Craftsman design intertwines with uncanny floral patterns, Baroque furniture warping & bending, revealing a vista of a tranquil, fractal marshland outside the window.

Negative: ugly, tiling, out of frame, watermark, signature, cut off, low contrast, underexposed, overexposed, bad art, beginner, amateur, distorted, drawing, etching, print, cartoon, render

Stable Diffusion Prompts for Characters

Ron Swanson as an Earthbender Character Prompt

ron swanson as an earthbender

Style: Fantasy Art

Cat Woman Character Prompt

Prompt: a high quality cinematic scene of a Catwoman, circular pupils, round iris, dark wavy hair, filmed on Sony A7iii, 50mm, f/2.8, film director James Cameron , craig mullins, sergio toppi, beksinski, jeremy mann, influenced by pre-raphaellite, red yellow black, magic realism

Superman Character Prompt

Prompt: elaborated detailed 8k image of Superman as a malevolent evil god seated on a glowing sapphire crystal throne amidst alien Kryptonian architecture in his Arctic Fortress of Solitude. He has burning red eyes and wields a crystal scepter granting cosmic power.

Alien Monster Dragon Character Prompt

Prompt: xenoblade landscape, flying alien monstrous beasts inspired by peter mohrbacher, golden hour, hypersharp ue5 photorealistic details, cinematic HDR SSAO RTX, 4k 8k 16k gigapixel render

Style: Cinematic

Bulbasaur Character Prompt

Prompt: movie still of Bulbasaur as a gladiator wearing an armor in a big crowded roman coliseum, haze air, cinematic coulometry, hyperrealism, low saturation

Stable Diffusion Anime Prompts

One of the featured styles that SDXL can easily generate by using a simple parameter is anime style images. Here are several examples of SDXL generated images in the anime style:

Ron Swanson Samurai Prompt

Ron Swanson as Samurai

Moroccan Officer

moroccan fascist officer next to his motorbike,robot horse,scifi,military uniform,1940,wolfenstein universe,epic scene
Landscape, night, solar eclipse, disappearance, special aura, detailed, chaotic drawing style
An illustration of a majestic tiger breathing fire, utilizing the zoom-out feature of an AI to gradually reveal the full composition. Capture the intensity and power of the tiger’s fiery breath in a visually captivating manner. Portray the tiger with a combination of strength and ferocity, emphasizing its piercing gaze, sharp teeth, and powerful stance. Utilize the zoom-out feature to gradually reveal the entire illustration. Begin with a close-up of the
one piece luffy in gear 5, Straw hat, fully defined facial features of luffy, mouth shut, neon aura, red neon lightnings and thunders, clouds tearing apart, ground shattering, ethereal portraiture, tonalist, color scheme, pensive stillness, dark aquamarine and red, rainy night, ray tracing, high reflection, dramatic lighting, intricate details, photo realism